I’m a Heathen. No, I’m not a White Supremacist.

To begin, I will say that all religions have their extremists. Christians have the KKK/Westboro church, Muslims have ISIS/Daesh. Atheists have the anti-religion crazies. Heathenry is no exception to this.

As of recently, the racism and the spouting of genocidal Nazi propaganda in the Heathen community has been growing at a rapid pace from what I’ve experienced. It hurts my heart to see this. It’s gross, toxic, awful and I’m sure it hurts the gods as well. And it hurts other heathens by giving us a bad name. I don’t want to start out every religious toned conversation as, “I’m a Norse Pagan. No, I’m not a White Supremacist.” You can never tell these days who is racist, and who isn’t in the community. With this in mind, not only does the community become more dangerous for baby heathens, I’ve actually considered being solitary for a while. But I’m not going to be the stand-by witness. I’m not going to sit by and watch these assholes slander our gods like this. I will speak up and out towards this disgusting behavior. I will fight against this hate and make sure our religion is one that is accepting of everyone. It’s the funniest thing when you present actual historical fact of the Vikings exploring other cultures and interbreeding with other ethnicities and all you get in return is a flurry of poor-schemed insults (True story).

These guys are so obsessed with being tough, heavily muscled and trying to be frightening, and praising Odin. It’s funny when you realize that because ancient Scandinavia had such short summer seasons, they were a bit smaller than the brosatru’s fantasies. Also due to the difficulty of growing crops and resources (Big things come in small packages!). So really, the body of vikings are like your other average human. Nothing too special. If you’re the type of guy who thinks that Vikings were all cuddled up in their villages “protecting our bloodline”, then you need to open a history book. Heathenry isn’t just a deity/lore based religion. We have to take into the account of historical events as well.  Ancient vikings originated in Northern Europe such as Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway. Their footprints can be found stretched all over the corners of Europe itself. As far as Central Asia and North America.

One of the most well know explorers we know was Erik The Red. Being exiled from Iceland and Norway, he headed west. What he found there is what now is known as Greenland. Soon after his discovery, he gathered people to settle the great island and established a colony. Now, his son Lief outdid him. Lief heard from Bjarni Herjolfsson who was the original one that discovered North America, when Bjarni was brought off course and accidentally came to the Americas. Leif took a ship and some of his folks and sailed even further west until they came up on the North American coast. Bjarni and Lief may have been the first Europeans to discover and explore North America. Unlike Columbus, he left the natives alone. That’s just one example right there. The Vikings also traveled as far as central Asia for spices, silk, silver, wine, and pottery. Who is to say that they didn’t have a little fun in Asia? If you catch my meaning. Regrettably, the Vikings were also involved in slave trade which brought them further into the world. Everywhere they went, they bought and sold slaves as well. In return for all this, they sold items such as wheat, honey, wood, wool, furs, etc.

And literally nowhere in the texts is it ever spouting genocidal bullshit. It really blows me away when these idiots don’t realize that our Scandinavian ancestors never repeated the fourteen words or ever used the term “Aryan”. Those phrases rose to power when Hitler rose to power. Before that, nothing. If our ancestors were really as racist as these assholes seem to be portraying, wouldn’t we have documented it in history? I have had people literally ask me what is wrong with the fourteen words. Those kinds of people are why I am writing this. If you want to honor your bloodline and defend it and you want to marry people of your race, that is all good in my book. But the exact moment you start reciting the fourteen words and start being thankful you are of an “Aryan” race, then that is the moment to pack your bags and leave. I find it contradictory when people say that you must have lived an honorable life (or to have died in battle) to gain access to Valhalla, but then they turn around and spout this bullshit. That is not respectable. That is not honorable. That is foolish, insecure, and makes you cowardly.

In Conclusion: Go practice your Aryan-14/88-precious-white-baby-focused bastardized version of Ásatrú in the deepest depths of Náströnd because it is not welcome among here, nor in Valhalla. I will say it again. It is not honorable to mock, to harass, to wish death or exclusion on other races or even other people in general. It is pathetic, foolish, and it shows your fears and insecurities. For you to succumb that low, to bring yourself to wish harm on another person for something they were born with, shows that you are more useless than garbage.

In summary:


If you are interested in checking out more historical facts of the Vikings, here are some sources!:
-http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/vikings/trade_and_exploration/(Cute one for the kids and the Nazis who don’t know basic viking history! 🙂 )

And what’s more surprising? Not ONE mention of white supremacy in these sources! Case dismissed.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Heathen. No, I’m not a White Supremacist.

  1. The Vikings seem “color blind” (in the good way). That attitude seems only natural. Proximity, raid and trade of course supports Germanic and all other European blending as well. No culture in the world really is immune to this over a longer period. Levant with the Mediterranean, East and northern Africa and even Northern…

    Many people see things too narrowly and need to look at both the bigger picture and the longer time periods (specifically with respect to this topic but also broadly).

    If anyone wants to explore heathenry, they should be encouraged and supported. One never knows who in any given generation will be the stuff of which epics are written


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