My Relationship With Loki.

Too often, people look at me like I’m on bath salts when I say I worship Norse gods. Specifically Loki. I’ve been told I need to turn to God, that I’m crazy, and all that other nonsense. I’ve been talked about behind my back and been ridiculed. But I’ve also been asked further into the subject, I’ve been admired, I’ve gotten the opportunity to teach people about the Norse and their practices. For that, I am grateful. Ever since I found myself into the practice in late 2013, I’ve dedicated my hobbies to learning more and more about Norse Mythology, the practices behind it, the history of the Scandinavians, and their culture and everyday life.

The Beginning.

I started honoring Loki around late 2013. At the time, I will shamefully admit that I was obsess with Marvel Loki at the time. Around the same time, I was lurking on a site known as My friend had shown it too me after finding out Iw as putting my time into goetic demons to get revenge on a lover. Anyways, SoM is an occult site known for a very good amount of information contributed by its members. When I found out about the Norse gods, it piqued my curiosity. I started looking into Norse Loki, his history, his role in the lore, his attributes, and anything else I could find. Then I prayed to him.

And I got a response.

At first it felt very weird and I was quite skeptical at what I was experiencing. I felt something outside of my consciousness and outside what I considered normal. I felt like I was being watched. Back when I would frequently meditate, I always felt him observing me and what I was doing. It always felt like an outside energy had rested itself upon my back, or neck, or any other body part. His energy feels like what I would consider fire, warmth, red, chaos. Every time I felt it, his face would pop in my mind. I would see that chiseled Tom Hiddleston physique along with the fiery red slicked back hair with a mustache and a goatee to boot. I imagined him dressed in animal furs and garbs. Specifically fox furs.

My Experiences and UPG

Once we had established a sort of greeting with each other, I remember praying to him and talking to him constantly. Out loud, in thought. I even wrote a couple of letters to the guy. I furthered my skill of communication when I found out about channeling, path-walking, and horsing. I gained a good skill in channeling and from there on, I was able to talk with Loki in a direct way. Even now, as I write this, I feel his energy across my body, his words begging its way into my mind.

“I’m loving this!” He says in response to me writing this post.

I remember asking him about becoming a god-spouse, once. At this point in practice, I was several months into the practice. It was done through a horsing session, in which my friend agreed to volunteer. At the time, I was also in a relationship. When I asked his thoughts on becoming a god-spouse, his only words were,”You have (former boyfriend’s name here)”. And that was the end of it.

I remember the night I became a daughter of Loki. I gave him my blood. I bounded our relationship in my blood. Keep in mind, this was crudely preformed and quite embarrassing to share as it was not that formal. In the future, I plan on performing a more coordinated one, suitable in both our favors. Basically what I did, I had gotten a nosebleed. Instead of wasting it, I had rubbed some into his altar, signifying my devotion to him. And it was accepted.
At times, when I was stumped, feeling depressed, or worrying too much, or feeling shitty in general, I know I could always (and still can) count on Loki to be there and give me advice. He’s called me out on shit, he’s reminded me on how much he and the other gods love me, he’s reminded me that even the most shitty of times will pass. He’s reminded me of so much and has given me a lot of great opportunities.

I was also curious on honoring him as a god of sex once. I asked him about it and I got my answer through a tarot reading. It was clear to both of us that he felt quite uncomfortable being given offerings of sex, sexual energy, or masturbation. All that was for Freyja. But he was more fond of hearing my disaster dates, sex mishaps, and general funny or embarrassing stories that occurred in my everyday life.

Too many times have I heard that Loki is regarded as the “Norse Satan” of Norse mythology from the hardcore neo-nazi dude-bro Asatrus. This is one of my favorite myths to debunk and throw out the window.

The Norse, from what I’ve researched, had no concept of good or evil. Just what correct action the situation called for.When the christianization of Scandinavia had erupted in between the 8th and 12th century, the Scandinavian people were exposed to the idea of sin, and that the most simple actions could make you wind up in hell. When the Prose Edda was written by Snori Sturluson in the 13th century, he demonized Loki, calling him evil and exaggerating his less redeemable deeds. There is plenty of evidence in the lore that clearly shows where Loki was needed the most. Had been not for him, the gods would’ve found themselves into some very deep shit.

Take the wall of Asgard for example. This is one of my favorite stories to tell from the lore. The basic summary tells of a giant disguised architect who makes his way into Asgard claiming to build a wall in exchange for a hefty price that consisted of the sun, the moon and the hand of Freyja in marriage. The gods were not pleased with this deal, but needed the wall for protection. Loki had suggest they give him a deadline. If he didn’t come through with the deadline, the deal was forfeit. The gods and giant agreed to this and sent him to work with his horse. To the gods’ surprise, the giant and his horse manage to rush through no problem. The gods turned to Loki, expecting him to fix it. He would, but not in the way you’d imagine. So near the end of the deadline, a mare had run out and distracted the horse from his work. Without the horse, the giant was not able to get the wall finished. Upon the gods discovering the architects true identity, he was promptly kicked out of Asgard. But where’s Loki in all this? It wasn’t much thought of until awhile later, Loki came to Asgard presenting Odin with a gift. The gift was a foal with eight legs! Turns out, Loki was the mare that night that distracted the horse. You can see where this is going.

Now think about this: Where would the gods be without Loki in this situation? What would’ve happened to the sun? To the moon? Freyja would’ve been married to some nasty giant. The existence of Sleipnir would have not been gained if it weren’t for Loki. Loki was also involved in the forging of Moljnir, Thor’s hammer. Loki pulled a rather cruel prank on Sif by cutting off her hair. Thor was pissed as could be, you’d imagined. So Loki sought help from the dwarfs. Loki saw how beautiful and exquisite the dwarfs’ work was. He gave them praise for it. And through his cunning words and promises, Loki was able to get hair for Sif fashioned out of gold. He was able to get other gifts from the gods as well through his cunning words such as Moljnir, Gungnir, and Skidbladnir.

Loki had brought all of these gifts to the gods. Need I say more?

In conclusion, I honor Loki as a god of many things. I honor him as a god of fire, I honor him as a god of chaos, I honor him as a god of balance, I honor him as a god of truth and lie. He is a prominent father figure in my life and my spiritual father. I am very honored and grateful to be dedicating myself to such a wonderful deity. May we prosper forever.

Hail Loki!


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